Twin blasts bring number of bombings to 121 in Yangon since Myanmar coup

Anti-junta forces claim responsibility, but residents say they face arrest and interrogation just from passing by.


Tibetan online religious groups banned in Qinghai

Latest action is another example of China’s ‘pervasive control of religion,’ source says.


So far, freight on new Laos-China high-speed railway only goes one way

Goods from China are zipping across the border while products from Laos are getting stuck there.


Vietnamese activist forced to undergo mental health assessment while awaiting trial

Nguyen Thuy Hanh has been charged with disseminating materials against the state.


Navratilova hits Australian Open for 'capitulation' after Peng Shuai T-shirts banned

Calls are growing for a government investigation into the banning of the T-shirts, and any involvement by Beijing.


Uyghur sisters jailed for ‘illegal’ religious activities in Xinjiang women’ s prison

Melikizat and Patigul Memet are among five female family members sentenced in 2013.

Journalist trades pen for arms to fight Myanmar junta

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