Scorched earth: Satellite images show village torched by Myanmar junta forces

Myanmar troops burned down 132 houses in Sann-myo village on Jan. 18 after a clash with local militia fighters.

San_Myo,_Gangaw_township,_Magway,_Myanmar_1-23-2022 Planet Labs_F1.jpg San_Myo,_Gangaw_township,_Magway,_Myanmar_1-23-2022 Planet Labs_F.jpg

Hun Sen Urges Myanmar junta chief to honor ASEAN pledge

But an observer says Cambodia’s prime minister is trying to save face after failed visit.


300 Vietnamese workers held in isolation in China-backed power plant

The policy is a precaution against COVID, but the plant has been rated as a low infection risk.


Bill to boost US businesses includes new protections for China’s Uyghurs

The legislation would create a special coordinator to monitor the minority group’s rights.

South China Sea

US Navy plans to recover stealth jet that crashed into South China Sea

Chinese military observers have been monitoring the accident closely.

China-backed development project hurting livelihoods of Sihanoukville fishermen

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