Chinese ‘monster’ ship keeps pressure on Vietnam’s oil fields

The world’s largest coast guard vessel returns for a fresh patrol tour near Vanguard Bank in the South China Sea.

Wives of jailed Vietnamese activists claim constant harassment

They say police and local authorities are targeting them because of their husbands’ ‘crimes.’

Vietnam indicts former police chief for bribery

Do Huu Ca had a leading role in a 2012 forceful eviction that the government later deemed illegal.

In an age of social detachment, significance of Tet lost on young Vietnamese

Elders must convey to children the importance of the Lunar New Year, one man says.

Vietnam’s rights council re-election bid alarms activists

International rights groups say Hanoi needs to improve its record if it wants to remain on the UN body.

Japan to assist 4 ASEAN countries to counter China: report

Tokyo is to provide drones, radar systems and patrol boats during the 10-year plan.

Vietnamese stranded in Myanmar war zone plead for help from Vietnam’s government