Authorities wall off Xinjiang village to control Uyghur movement

Chuluqai village is under 24-hour monitoring, with a single checkpoint for pedestrian access.

Once hailed as role model, Uyghur entrepreneur sentenced to 15 years

Reasons for conviction are unclear. Was it for comments about halal food? Or for communicating with his brothers?

China says its camps are closed, but Uyghurs remain under threat

Reports from Xinjiang suggest persecution against members of the mostly Muslim community continues.

Among Uyghurs, China aims to ‘meld Islam with Confucianism’

Chinese officials meet to further plan to ‘Sinicize Islam’ and bind Muslims in China even closer to the state.

Life sentence for Uyghur scholar Rahile Dawut confirmed by US group

The folklore expert had disappeared in 2017 amid a crackdown on Uyghur intellectuals and cultural figures.

‘Washington and Wall Street are two different countries’

US companies investing in China need more guidance on human rights and national security, Congress told.

Chinese video depicts Uyghur man as drug dealer