China arrests more than 1,000 Tibetans protesting dam project

Detainees are told to bring bedding and food, suggesting they will not be released soon, sources say.

Exclusive: More than 100 Tibetans arrested over dam protest

A massive dam project would destroy 6 Buddhist monasteries and force 2 villages to relocate.

US House passes bill urging China to resolve Tibet dispute

Bill calls on the State Department to counter disinformation about Tibet.

Tibetans protest forced resettlement due to Chinese dam project

Residents of at least 2 villages and 6 monasteries will have to relocate, sources say.

Exclusive: Chinese authorities release dozens of Tibetans arrested for dam protests

Strict restrictions on movement and surveillance on outside communication continue in Dege county.

China arrests Tibetan monk for possession of Dalai Lama photo

But authorities have not issued information on his whereabouts following his arrest in July 2023, sources say.

Chinese troops and Tibetan nomads face off over grazing rights along the India-Tibet border