Former Tibetan political prisoner wins international democracy award

The award honors “courageous democracy activists who have been imprisoned or killed due to their work.”

4 Tibetans sentenced to prison for 2nd time for religious activities

Previously, authorities detained them for 11 months on the same offense.

What did the protesters want with Xi Jinping?

Xi's visit unites dissidents, Hong Kongers, Tibetans, Uyghurs in 'tsunami' of protest, clashes with Xi supporters.

New Tibetan translation software harnesses AI to preserve language

The tool comes amid China’s growing restrictions on linguistic and cultural rights in Tibet.

India-based Dalai Lama institute graduates first batch of Ph.D. students

The school and others like it are seen as vital to preserving Tibetan culture in the face of Chinese rule.

Buddhist monk in Tibet confirmed as detained by Chinese authorities

He was arrested for allegedly contacting people outside the region.

Library dedicated to the Dalai Lama opens in New York