Political Platform of Republican Democracy Party (RDP)

• Uphold democratic liberalism, oppose terrorism and respect human rights in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations.

• Encourage domestic and overseas investment and prevent corruption, and reduce taxes and costs of establishing a company.

• Uphold the right to peaceful protest and full press freedom for radio, television and newspapers, with the private sector allowed to own radio and television stations.

• Abolish child labor, including tightening local laws and ratifying relevant international conventions concerning children’s rights -- in particular Convention No. 182 prohibiting the worst forms of child labor.

• Work with relevant authorities to examine and resolve land issues for poor citizens whose land or houses have been seized, stolen or otherwise violated by unscrupulous people. Violators will be made to properly compensate land-grab victims.

• Enable farmers, 73 percent of Cambodia’s population, to plant and grow their crops on vacant land in all seasons. Provide citizens without farmland with vacant land for farming and residential construction. Promptly establish irrigation system for citizens and provide water storage, sewage and water drainage to all rural areas and plantations.

• Eliminate overseas migration by establishing workshops for craftsmen and factories so people can get jobs inside Cambodia. Strengthen the education system and work to enable residents to earn sufficient salaries.