Political Platform of Khmer National United Party (KNUP)

• Create an orderly society free of fear by cracking down on theft, thuggery, immoral acts, domestic violence and drug trafficking and strengthening implementation of existing laws.

• Strengthen transparent, good governance by eliminating informal charges and bribes on public services, including healthcare.

• Eliminate injustice, discrimination, nepotism and patronage on the basis of equality before the law; and promote freedom of expression.

• Maintain a sound economic environment that allows citizens to generate more income through raising agricultural productivity and growing competently regulated markets for products.

• Create jobs for local residents to help reduce labor migration.

• Combat illegal natural resource destruction, deforestation and mineral exploitation by strengthening environmental protection and awareness.

• Combat land or property violation or and land grabs and strengthen measures curbing on illegal immigrants without discrimination against any locality.

• Promote gender equality among women, children, youths and workers so that they may actively participate in local and political affairs.

• Boost the collection of financial resources to construct and repair infrastructure, including irrigation systems.