Political Platform of Grassroots Democracy Party (GDP)

• Village chiefs chosen in direct elections who are responsive to local needs.

• Ensure access to school teachers and agriculture instructors, allowing all children to complete studies up to at least grade 9 and attain fundamental general knowledge for better future. Vocational training for those who do not go on to higher education.

• Improved healthcare, access to trained physicians, and health centers supplied with sufficient equipment and drugs.

• Access to water, capital, markets and agricultural technology for farmers.

• Improved police work to increase security and eliminate drugs and gangs.

• Strengthening and expanding local infrastructure, in particular building quality roads, bridges and irrigation systems.

• Tax credits, loans and other policies to create jobs for craftsmen, service providers and traders to reduce labor migration. Training programs for women to raise awareness and improve capacity and participation in socio-economic and political affairs.

• Protect and restore natural resources, including forests, fisheries, community ponds, lakes, creeks, and streams. Establish eco-tourism, agriculture and cultural resorts to boost economic development and local job creation.