Political Platform of Funcinpec Party (FP)

• Promote democracy, human rights, freedom and social justice through practicing democratic principles, respecting the will of the people, allowing citizens to participate in decision making and upholding gender equality. Use public fora at communes/sangkats to allow citizens to express their opinions and request solutions to problems. quests for solution/measures as well as other necessities;

• Improve public services and deliver good governance, including providing administrative documents to citizens without discrimination or nepotism, giving timely responses to requests, and abolishing excessive bureaucracy, corruption and illegal fees for document issuance.

• Promote local development, including restoring irrigation systems dams, creeks, ponds, gravel roads, and the sewage system. Help find local jobs for citizens and help local farmers develop links to national markets for agricultural products, while protecting farmers from abusive practices by traders or monopolies.

• Boost health and welfare with programs to bring physicians to local communities to provide medical checkups for citizens, arranging transportation for patients for emergency treatments.

• Support education and sports, by promoting formal and informal schooling and vocational training centers, stressing ethics and professionalism in teachers, and encouraging sports to improve physical and mental health.

• Improve public security and social order, through strengthening administration of police forces to raise ethics and respect for law, combatting theft, drug trafficking, gambling, illegal fishing and organized crime.

• Resolve land disputes by halting illegal land or residence seizures by the powerful and the rich and arranging concessions and issuance of land titles to landless farmers and citizens.

• Protect the environment and natural resources by devoting resources to stopping rampant deforestation and forest destruction and stopping unchecked pollution from workshops or factories.