Political Platform of Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP)

• Provide opportunities and encouraging commune/sangkat residents to advocate, evaluate and participate in various commune/sangkat decision-making;

• Improve residents’ livelihoods and development by protecting property laws, withholding support for investment projects or concessions that may harm the interests of the people, providing information to residents on debt and agricultural markets, and making a priority of investment in commune/sangkat development.

• Improve public services, including issuing various administrative documents without discrimination, in a transparent and timely manner.

• Enhance commune/sangkat security by improving the efficiency of police work in combating illegal drugs and violence.

• Pursue decentralization as a national policy, including entrusting commune/sangkat with authorities to make local development decisions, budget decentralization that would provide US $500,000 for each commune/sangkat annually and decentralization of public services such as education, social affairs, clean water system, road network construction, health and diffusion of agricultural knowhow.