Lao authorities rescue nearly 500 workers from Golden Triangle SEZ

Many of the workers are human-trafficking victims lured to the Chinese-run special economic zone for jobs.

Low wages and soaring inflation push Laotians to Thailand

Hundreds of people line up every day for passports in search of better jobs over the border.

Russia, Ukraine turn Indonesia into diplomatic battlefield

Jakarta’s “foreign policy tradition in such a situation is to play it safe,” one analyst says.

Laos to sell $340 million in high-interest bonds to combat inflation

Citizens are dubious that their cash-strapped government can really pay the advertised 20 percent interest rate.

New prison to house criminals from Laos’ Chinese-run special economic zone

The larger prison, which will replace a three-room facility, is nearing completion.

ASEAN states unlikely to choose sides between US and China, say officials and experts

Questions remain on where smaller Southeast Asian nations feature in the U.S. grand strategy.

River in Laos turns dark orange due to pollution from upstream iron mines

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