Mudslides swamp rice paddies in 5 villages in northwestern Laos

Farmers who lost crops in Bokeo province’s Huai Xai district are calling on the government to provide aid.

Local drivers chafe at costly fees at Lao-China railway station

Drivers are charged high fees to enter the station even to deliver or pick up passengers.

Vietnamese authorities call 'Jesus Church' in northern provinces an 'evil religion'

The government is concerned about the religion’s growing popularity with ethnic Hmong.

Weeks after tropical storm Ma-On batters northern Laos, residents struggle to recover

Hundreds of people are displaced amid widespread damage in Oudomxay province.

700 Malaysian workers stranded, held for ransom in Lao SEZ

Malaysian rights groups and family members call on Lao government to help free trapped workers.

Laos limits high-ranking government officials to only 2 state-owned vehicles

Prime Ministerial Decree 599 demands excess vehicles be returned in push to rein in corruption.

Mekong River banks erode at rapid pace