Lao women held by Chinese-run casino plead for help

The trio signed on to be saleswomen but after weeks of not working, their debts are piling up.

Laos criticizes 45 soccer players banned for match fixing in recent years

Players make very little money and are easily bribed, sports officials say.

Lao villagers refuse to cede land for Chinese-owned banana farm

Villagers say if they lose their land they will have no way to feed their families.

Cash-strapped Laos keen to reopen borders despite surging COVID numbers

Officials hope to revive country’s economy with tourism and trade, but some provinces face health staff shortages.

Worries in Laos and Thailand as upstream dams drain Mekong River

Low water levels and a lack of sediment have affected the ecosystem and people’s livelihoods.

Laos adopts new measure to combat corruption: party expulsion

Officials dismiss nine government employees who embezzled funds in Bokeo province.

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