Young Laotians eye Thai election’s potential for stability, higher migrant wages

Lao merchants hope for a stronger kip vs Thai baht and more tourism from across the border.

China showcases weapons during Lao war games

Vietnam watches warily as ally Laos edges closer to China, analysts say.

Hidden terror: Clearing unexploded bombs from Laos hits snag

Workers wait for funding to clear bombs dropped by US during Vietnam War.

Laos, China launch joint ‘Friendship Shield’ military exercises in Laos

The drills come amid a larger push by Beijing to engage with its neighbors in Southeast Asia.

China plans 6-nation drills with Southeast Asian countries

Analysts say Aman Youyi-2023 will be smaller than similar U.S. exercises.

Heat wave blasts Southeast Asia – a likely pattern for the future

Record high temperatures scorch the region due to a mix of natural and human factors.

Laos and China hold joint military exercises