Wildlife organization rescues 2 caged moon bear cubs from Laos village

Free the Bears says the cubs have been brought to a wildlife sanctuary in Luang Prabang.

Video of Lao women used in human ring-toss game raises ire

The Chinese men who played the game degraded Lao women’s dignity, online comments say.

Green creek scares off Lao villagers

Pollution from upstream chicken farm is the second waterway to face contamination in as many months.

New cassava plant in southern Laos irritates villagers with smell, noise

The processing plant can sound like an airport and is driving people away from outdoor restaurants.

Cambodia confiscates 4 tons of ‘yellow vine’ in crackdown

Vine poachers need to be arrested to more effectively stop production, environmentalists say.

In nightclub raids, police near Lao capital find underage sex workers

The raid of venues along a busy highway may have only targeted smaller establishments.

‘Their parents are in Thailand and left the children with me,’ says Lao grandfather in Champassak province.