Laos adopts new measure to combat corruption: party expulsion

Officials dismiss nine government employees who embezzled funds in Bokeo province.

Lao dam collapse survivors still wait for new homes amid construction delays

Too few carpenters and masons are employed on the project, and many are not being paid.

Planned Lao dam raises concerns in Thailand over impacts on shared border

Concerns focus on depleted fish stocks, illegal cross-border trade.

Debt-trapped Lao ‘chat girls’ forced to sell sex in China-run economic zone

Duped by employers promising stable jobs, the women must repay their debts with their bodies.

Laos criticizes 45 soccer players banned for match fixing in recent years

Players make very little money and are easily bribed, sports officials say.

Lao-China Railway feels ‘similar to when I rode the Shinkansen in Japan’

A passenger rides Laos’ new high-speed train from Vientiane to the Chinese border.

Thai police seize marijuana smuggled from Laos

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