North Korea

North Korea resumes rail trade with China, imports badly needed food and medicine

Rail freight resumed on Monday after COVID restrictions stopped trade for five months.

Deaths continue a month after North Korea declared ‘victory’ over COVID

Cases are unofficially confirmed using self-test kits, but patients are starving during long quarantines at home.

North Korea inspects air-raid shelters as tensions rise with US

Officials want to ensure readiness, but bribes mean shoddy shelters can still pass inspection.

North Korea rolls out new software to keep tabs on its officials in China

‘Secure Shield’ and ‘Hangro’ allow the government back home to monitor calls and restrict access to the internet.

North Korea restricts citizens’ movements to prevent spread of ‘seasonal flu’

Residents say the measure is meant to prevent further transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

North Korea installs more complaint boxes to tackle corruption

Critics say the campaign to make reporting easier is unlikely to stop abuses.

Korean War “Jesus” Final Homecoming