North Korea

North Korean young people ordered to serve 3 years in military’s manual service corps

As so-called 'stormtroopers' they will provide labor for mining, construction work, and other government projects.

South Korean expert says North Korea may test a new solid-fuel ICBM in February

Pyongyang’s goal is to develop a 10,000-kilometer range missile that can deliver 10 warheads.

North Korea arrests entire family after mother called South Korea

Authorities increase surveillance on families of people who have escaped the North.

North Koreans forced to clear snow from roads to capital on Lunar New Year

Residents say it is unfair to give up one of their few days of rest.

Imported white horses burnish Kim’s image and tie him to Korea’s mythical past

But propaganda tool is expensive, and apparently not banned under UN sanctions on luxury goods

US intel: Deterrence against North Korea is working

Comments come in wake of details of ‘dramatic’ construction taking place at the North’s main rocket launch site.

Korean War “Jesus” Final Homecoming