North Korea

North Korea bans more than 100 patriotic songs that refer to reunification

Pyongyang metro's Unification Station renamed 'Station' amid messages that uniting with the South is no longer a priority.

North Koreans gather cigarette butts to sell to clothing makers

After large public events, the poor pick up the filters which, when recycled, are worth triple their weight in corn.

N Korean leader receives a luxurious car gift from Putin: state media

Since last year’s North Korea-Russia summit, bilateral exchanges across sectors have intensified.

‘The whole trip was a complete shock and surprise.’

Russian travel blogger describes first guided tour to North Korea in 4 years.

N Korea reduces Cuba coverage as its ally enhances ties with South

Cuba is one of Pyongyang’s few allies which shares its hostility towards the United States.

Enraged N Korean workers in China beat factory manager to death: report

The workers in China’s Jilin province were reportedly angry about long-term wage arrears.