Jimmy Lai’s lawyer says rape threats precede public events

Congress is told Beijing is ‘the world leader on transnational repression’ that forces critics to 'shut up.'

Repression without borders: autocratic governments try to silence reporters

A Freedom House report says intimidation and attacks against exiled journalists are increasing.

Papua New Guinea, Australia to sign security agreement this week

The pact will allow for Australian police to work closely with Papua New Guinea’s police.

Ratings agency cuts China’s credit outlook

Moody’s says high local government debt poses challenges to the country’s economic growth.

Manila embarks on ‘name and shame’ strategy to counter Beijing

Will neighboring countries follow the Philippines’ assertive transparency campaign in the South China Sea?

China seeks a more ‘inclusive’ Taliban

Beijing last week became the first country to accept an ambassador from Afghanistan’s new government.

Clashes erupt between supporters and protesters during Chinese president’s U.S. visit