Shanghai restaurants offer secret dining, 'hire' customers for the night

Many restaurants face closure after weeks of high rents and scant income during COVID-19 lockdown, restrictions.

'After the Apple Daily shut down, I couldn't write another word'

One year after Hong Kong's Apple Daily was forced to close, a reporter remembers the night of its final goodbye.

Interview: Nury Turkel to ‘call China out’ for atrocities against Uyghurs, others

The new religious freedom chair takes up lead role as ‘immigrant and indirect victim of the Uyghur genocide.’

Tortured dissident Xu Zhiyong stands trial in China's Shandong for 'subversion'

The trial comes amid allegations that Xu and rights lawyer Ding Jiaxi were tortured while in detention.

China steps up anti-NATO rhetoric ahead of Madrid summit, citing 'Cold War' ethos

At the same time, Beijing is telling Europeans that Beijing doesn't support Russia's war in Ukraine.

Protest in Malawi over Chinese video showing children saying anti-Black racial slur

Zambian immigration say they have arrested video-maker Lu Ke amid concerns he may yet avoid being brought to book.

Shanghai citizens bang pots and pans to protest COVID-19 lockdown

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