China’s claim to practice ‘democracy’ is bid to undermine concept: analysts

Commentators say the Chinese Communist Party under Xi Jinping is pirating the term to boost its international image.

FBI secretly investigating respected US oceanographer’s China ties

“I’m dismayed that my own government is harassing – and I consider it illegally harassing – individuals for no cause,” said oceanographer Walker Orson Smith.

After sub accident, China demands US end free navigation ops

Observers said the tough rhetoric could be a response to a recently announced defense agreement between U.S., U.K. and Australia.

Chinese rights lawyer stands trial after four tears’ pretrial detention

The charges against Li Yuhan are a form of political retaliation for her rights work, a fellow lawyer says.

Activists stage a protest outside the Chinese Consulate, guarded by Philippine police, on the fifth anniversary of an international arbitral court ruling invalidating Beijing's historical claims over the waters of the South China Sea, in Makati City, Philippines, July 12, 2021.

Philippines steps up diplomatic protests to Beijing over South China Sea

The majority of diplomatic protests in the last five years have been filed this year alone.

CCP to tell world that China is ‘standing up’ under leader Xi Jinping

A forthcoming resolution will seek to enshrine Xi’s place in history ahead of a potential third term in office, analysts say.

Hong Kong University shuts down ‘Democracy Wall’ amid crackdown on dissent

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