How China and its allies pool resources to target overseas dissidents

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and Interpol are commonly used to pursue political opponents overseas.

Top Philippine defense official holds first in-person meeting with US counterpart

In Hawaii, Jose Faustino Jr. and Lloyd Austin reaffirm a commitment to stronger bilateral military ties.

Protesters warn of Chinese authoritarian expansion ahead of PRC National Day

Taiwanese groups say the island's rights and freedoms are its best defense against the threat from China.

China's top leadership pays respects to heroes of revolution amid citywide clampdown

Beijing residents face roadblocks, station closures, repeated ID checks and mass detentions ahead of National Day

Philippines, US Marines kick off large-scale drills

Japan, South Korea are expected to join humanitarian efforts linked to the Kamandag 6 military exercise.

US House of Representatives introduces its own Taiwan bill

There are concerns that the Taiwan Policy Act will not clear Congress during the current term.

Unfinished buildings, many abandoned by Chinese investors, litter the landscape of Cambodia’s largest port city

Hong Kong residents pay respects to Queen Elizabeth II