Chinese shoppers panic buy pressed cooking oil amid safety fears

Lines form at stores selling artisanal oils after contaminated tankers reportedly move cooking oil.

New UK government raises question of change in South China Sea policy

London needs a clear, consistent policy towards China and related issues like the South China Sea – analysts.

Hong Kong sees a sharp fall in the number of schoolchildren

The drop follows an exodus sparked by a crackdown and comes in the midst of a campaign for 'patriotic education.'

Shanghai trials robotaxis as human drivers fear for jobs

Drivers fear even gig economy jobs will go at a time of economic hardship.

Myanmar rebel army calls ceasefire after junta airstrike

One person died and 10 were injured in the attack on a Shan state town.

Hong Kong probes scandal of fake degree certificates from China

Educational recruitment agencies are able to produce fake documents exactly like the real thing, an official says.

Taiwan says China seized boat near China’s coast