Cambodia urges migrant workers in Thailand to join the ruling CPP

Labor minister pledges support, but workers say they feel abandoned by their government.

PM Hun Sen's United Nations appearance draws Cambodian diaspora protest

Members of the Cambodian diaspora rallied near the U.N. headquarters during the General Assembly.

Boat sinks near Cambodia, killing at least 1 Chinese passenger

Of the 41 passengers on board, 19 remain missing. A rights group said they may be trafficking victims.

Final Khmer Rouge Tribunal session rejects appeal of former leader Khieu Samphan

Khieu Samphan, 91, lost his appeal of his 2018 life sentence for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Cambodia’s Supreme Court denies bail for activist Theary Seng

Lawyer says the decision is unjust because she is not a flight risk and does not pose a security threat.

Cambodia increases minimum wage to $200 per month

The new wage is still too low, labor leaders said, and may not stem to flow of workers to other countries.

At least one dead, 19 missing after boat carrying Chinese passengers sinks near Sihanoukville