Smugglers harvest ‘yellow vine,’ possibly to make drugs in Cambodia

The vines might be sent to Laos for processing into ecstasy or MDMA, sources said.

Cambodia’s ruling party wins 55 of 58 seats in rubber-stamp Senate

Former Prime Minister Hun Sen is now expected to be named president of the body.

Vacation is over for Cambodian strongman Hun Sen

What does the Cambodian Senate presidency mean to a ruler who is already all powerful?

Cambodia gears up for Senate election on Sunday

Former Prime Minister Hun Sen is set to take on a new role as Senate president.

Cambodia confiscates 4 tons of ‘yellow vine’ in crackdown

Vine poachers need to be arrested to more effectively stop production, environmentalists say.

Exiled Cambodian opposition leader quits party to lead new organization

Mu Sochua announced her resignation from the banned Cambodian National Rescue Party.

A scuffle in the mud between authorities and land protesters in Cambodia’s capital