Thailand offers to mediate in Myanmar conflict, urges ASEAN involvement amid violence

Bangkok is ready to resolve issues to 'restore peace quickly,' Thai foreign minister says.

Junta attacks in Myanmar’s Bago region kill 8, displace 6,000

Airstrikes and artillery killed nearly 400 civilians in the first quarter of 2024, RFA data shows.

Hong Kong schools ban books, warn teachers not to get 'political'

Flag-raising and patriotic essays are in, frank debates about recent Chinese history are out.

Analysts: US missile deployment expected to assist Philippines’ defense

The deployment of the Mid-Range Capability system in recent live-fire drills is the first in the Asia-Pacific.

Young Laotians held at Myanmar casino fearful of fighting nearby

Battle near the Thai border has parents worried the teenagers will get caught in the crossfire.

Students, residents pressed into North Korean construction projects

Children as young as 12 are working long hours as part of Kim Jong Un's development plan.


“When we face injustice, we cannot be silent”