Top US official meets in India with Tibet’s Dalai Lama

The two discussed protecting Tibet’s ‘identity’ under Chinese rule.

US investigators indict exiled Chinese pro-democracy activist on spying charges

Wang Shujun sent sensitive information about Hong Kong protesters and U.S.-based democracy activists to Beijing.

Escape from Beijing: how a young man fled China's zero-COVID policy

A young man who asked to be identified only as 'Joseph' talks about his bid for freedom in New Zealand.

Conflict between Myanmar’s proxy forces may outlast a political resolution

Violence is creating bad blood between the groups, whose fighters are often residents of neighboring villages.

Schools close as pandemic rages in North Korea

Students are ordered to attend remote learning, but spotty electricity and lack of computers raise big challenges.

An uneasy truce is under threat in Myanmar’s Rakhine state

A growing military presence has drawn warnings from the insurgent Arakan Army.


“When we face injustice, we cannot be silent”

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