Coup brings uptick in old scourge: sexual violence by Myanmar troops

Chin women describe how soldiers repeatedly raped them as allegations of sexual violence increase.


Hundreds of civilians dead in Myanmar’s embattled Sagaing region since coup

The total of non-combatant deaths reflect the region’s central role in the resistance.


Facebook removes accounts targeting critics of Vietnam’s government

Hanoi falsely claims affected users were ‘anti-state’ actors.


Cambodian monk seeks overseas asylum after release from detention in Thailand

Venerable Bor Bet says he feels unsafe in Thailand and is discussing havens in Europe.


Cambodian media: Prime Minister Hun Sen ready to visit Myanmar without preconditions

Hun Sen has reversed position on Myanmar, saying junta should not be ostracized 'to satisfy external partners.'

“We’d often hear gunshots.” Hundreds of villagers flee intense fighting in Myanmar’s Shan state

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