Singapore a magnet for cash from politically connected Cambodians

RFA has identified Singaporean assets controlled by politically connected Cambodians worth in excess of $230 million. Among the owners of those assets are relatives of Prime Minister Hun Sen, an individual subject to U.S. sanctions, a former cabinet minister, as well as the wives, children and siblings of generals, senators, and secretaries of state.


Myanmar junta gets effective diplomatic downgrade as a result of military coup

Ambassador postings are on hold at some Western missions in what opponents call a rebuke to the regime.


Vietnamese attorneys face abuse from police when defending their clients

Some officers resent lawyers for making investigations more difficult.


Top US official meets in India with Tibet’s Dalai Lama

The two discussed protecting Tibet’s ‘identity’ under Chinese rule.


Conflict between Myanmar’s proxy forces may outlast a political resolution

Violence is creating bad blood between the groups, whose fighters are often residents of neighboring villages.

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