Despite risk, a photographer stays at the front line in Myanmar

With many of his colleagues dead, arrested or in hiding, a freelance photojournalist insists on recording history.


Police probe singer for video showing South Vietnamese flag

The tiny flag appeared in the background of a house in the US, but online critics bashed her.


Myanmar junta threatens to block food aid for Rohingyas who refuse military training

International groups say the military’s bid to stoke ethnic tensions in Rakhine state is succeeding.


Bangladesh accepts 2 World Bank projects to improve refugee lives

The projects worth $700 million are aimed at improving the quality of life of Rohingya refugees.

South China Sea

Beijing escalates South China Sea tensions with new detention order, Manila says

Philippine president calls China’s policy allowing coast guard to detain foreign boats, crews ‘worrisome.’

Environmental activists summoned to Phnom Penh court