Giant China, tiny Laos link up with launch of high-speed train

Laos is on track for new economic opportunities, but some worry about the cost.


Hundreds of villagers fled fighting in Myanmar’s Shan state to border with China

Residents say clashes between Kokang rebels and the military have increased since August.


UN postpones decision on Myanmar rep in apparent win for shadow government

The credentialing committee cited ‘the ongoing situation in Myanmar’ as the reason for its deferral.

North Korea

North Korean waitresses in China are made to work without masks

Managers want customers to be able to see the faces of their young, attractive staff, despite the virus risks.


Han Chinese now hold most government posts in Tibet as Beijing extends control

Tibet's status as an 'autonomous region' of China has no meaning for Beijing, a Lhasa resident says.

Buddhist ceremony launches China-Laos railway

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