A cyclist rides by the Belgian Federal Parliament in Brussels, April 5, 2020.

Belgium, Czech Republic Legislatures Pass Uyghur Genocide Declarations

Support for a Beijing 2022 Winter Games boycott over Xinjiang atrocities grows.

Myanmar’s Youth Increasingly Look for Opportunity Abroad


Many say that there is no future for the young in junta-led Myanmar.

Green Groups: Environmental Impact 'Falsified' at Chinese-Funded Power Plant Approved by Dhaka


A report on the impact on air quality of the Banshkhali S. Alam coal power project contains inconsistent data and omissions, raising serious legal questions.

Cambodia Gold Mine News Prompts Pollution Concerns


Villagers cite earlier cases of injuries and deaths of humans and livestock caused by polluted water sources.

Hackers Target State-Run Voice of Vietnam After Reports Critical of Popular Livestreamer


Information ministry directs local authorities to tighten controls on ‘unlawful information.’

Buddhist Monk Takes up Arms Against The Myanmar Junta


Monk Kaythara goes from preaching not to kill to learning how to kill.

Rights Group: UNHCR 'Improperly' Shared Rohingya Refugee Data With Bangladesh


In a statement rebutting the criticism, UNHCR said it had clear policies in place to ensure data was kept safe when the agency registered refugees,

China's New Law Lets Government Target Tech Firms Over Data


The National People's Congress passes a data security law preventing the transfer of 'important' data with hefty fines for non-compliance.

Anonymous Hacker-Turned-Political Blogger 'Detained, Tortured' in Shanghai


The blogger first shared programming tips, later launching a campaign to counter government brainwashing and censorship.

North Korea Has Been Importing Chinese COVID-19 Vaccines Since Early May


Sources uncertain who is first in line to receive Sinopharm jab.

Myanmar Junta Forces Ram Protesters With Cars, Fire on Churches


Anti-regime activists decry new military tactic while clergymen appeal against shelling places of worship.

Ousted Myanmar Leader Aung San Suu Kyi Goes on Trial in Naypyidaw


Human Rights Watch calls the trial a move by Myanmar's military to remove any chance of future opposition to its rule.

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