Buddhist monk Kaythara participates in a peaceful protest against Myanmar's military junta in Yangon in an undated photo.

Buddhist Monk Takes up Arms Against The Myanmar Junta

Monk Kaythara goes from preaching not to kill to learning how to kill.

Ousted Myanmar Leader Aung San Suu Kyi Goes on Trial in Naypyidaw


Human Rights Watch calls the trial a move by Myanmar's military to remove any chance of future opposition to its rule.

Citizens Anxious as Food Prices Fluctuate in North Korea


Even the capital Pyongyang is suffering major price shocks as rice prices rise nearly 30 percent.

Philippines Again Postpones Decision on Ending Military Pact With US


Analysts say it would be unwise for Manila to weaken its alliance amid China’s aggressive moves in the South China Sea.

Democratic Taiwan Welcomes G7 Name-Check as China Hits Out at Communique


President Tsai Ing-wen reads her island nation's first mention by the group as a sign of 'unwavering support.'

South China Nuclear Plant Running 'Normally' Amid Reports of Leak: Operators


French nuclear firm Framatome says it is working to address 'any potential issue' at the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant.

China’s Loan Agreements with Philippines Skewed in Beijing’s Favor, Contracts Show


The Philippines is one of few Southeast Asian countries to make such agreements public, analysts say.

Laotians Still Affected by Wartime Use of Agent Orange, Study Finds


U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy vows to look into the use of defoliants in Laos during the Vietnam War.

Myanmar Dissident Deaths in Custody, Unapproved Autopsies Prompt Calls For Probe


Families and experts call the cases ‘unacceptable’ and say they are meant to intimidate the public.

Nearly 30 Junta Troops Killed in Myanmar’s Chin State as Rights Czar Calls For End to Violence


The country’s least developed state is dealing with a refugee crisis as well as a COVID-19 outbreak.

Cambodia Denies U.S. Full Access to Naval Base During Embassy Visit


Defense official says full access would go against Cambodia’s sovereignty.

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